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We specialise in local history books for the area of Kent to the East of Canterbury including the villages of Sturry, Fordwich, Westbere, Hoath, Herne and Chislet. Most of these books are written by local historians and they provide an interesting glimpse into the local history of these villages and the people who lived in them.

Delivery Times and Holidays Periods

The bookshop is run as a hobby at weekends and as such does not provide a fast turnround of orders. We aim topost books at least once per month. If you need a book quickly please send an email.

During school holidays (eg month of August) we are unable to post local books. Orders placed at this time will be dealt with in September.

Keynsham Players include extracts from "Letters to Sturry" in a musical play celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the 2nd World War.

A musical play, entitled "All Clear", is being performed by the Keynsham Parish Players to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the ending of the Second World War, in the Keynsham Parish Hall, at 7.30 p.m on March 10th, 11th and 12th, wth a matinee at 2.30 p.m. on the Saturday. It includes extracts from " Letters to Sturry" read by someone taking the part of Pat Askew, the author of the letters which were written from Keynsham in 1940.

Book Award for the Hersden - Chislet Colliery Book

The Hersden - Chislet Colliery book (on sale below) has been nominated as joint winner of the John Hayes Canterbury Award for 2004.

The latest book for sale through BuyLocalBooks is the most complete book ever written on Roller Hockey - or in Spanish, Los Años Tempranos de Hockey Inglés sobre Patines 1885 - 1914

Local history books available to buy in 2007:

photo of front cover of Chislet book Chislet and Westbere
Villages of the Stour Lathe

ISBN 0 9502423 4 9.

£3.95 More Detail 1
photo of front cover of Fordwich book Fordwich - The Lost Port
With further articles on Sturry

ISBN 0 9502423 2 2.

£2.50 More Detail 2
photo of front cover of Hoath and Herne book Hoath and Herne - The Last of The Forest

ISBN 0 9502423 7 3.

£4.50 More Detail 3
photo of front cover of 25 years of LEP book In Good Faith - Twenty-five years of an LEP

ISBN 0 9502423 8 1.

£3.95 More Detail 4
Out of Stock
photo of front cover of Letters to Sturry book Letters to Sturry - A wartime Correspondence

ISBN 0 9544789 0 8.

£9.95 More Detail 5
photo of front cover of Hersden book Hersden - Chislet Colliery Village

ISBN 0 9544789 1 6.

£9.95 More Detail 6
Out of Stock
photo of front cover of Sarre Penne book The Sarre Penn - The Story of a Stream

ISBN 0 9526183 0 3.

£3.95 More Detail 7
photo of front cover of village views book Village Views - Sturry - Broad Oak - Westbere and Hersden

ISBN 0 9513651 0 X.

More Detail 8
photo of front cover of 6 preachers book The Six Preachers of Canterbury Cathedral

ISBN 0 9502423 6 5.
by Derek Ingram Hill

£4.00 More Detail 9
photo of front cover of Elham school book The Bootshoe Boys - An account of The Elham Charity School

ISBN 0 9502423 9 X.

£9.95 More Detail 10
Out of Stock
photo of front cover of Memorial inscriptions in Sturry book Memorial Inscriptions - St Nicholas Church, Sturry, Kent

£3.95 More Detail 11
photo of front cover of Fordwich memorials book Memorial Inscriptions - St Mary the Virgin, Fordwich, Kent

£3.95 More Detail 12
Out of Stock

Out of Stock

photo of front cover of Birchington book Dangerous Coastline - A wartime childhood in Birchington

ISBN 0 9544789-2-4.

£7.95 More Detail 13
photo of front cover of English Roller Hockey book The Early Years of English Roller Hockey

ISBN 0 9519990-0-1

£14.50 More Detail 14
Out of Stock
photo of front cover of Westbere Heritage Trail book Westbere Heritage Trail - Aspects of Westbere’s heritage

£10.00 More Detail 15